Becoming an affiliate

Explore the different methods by which a user can become an affiliate while using WPRealy.

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There are two methods for a user to become an affiliate on your site:

  • Affiliate Registration Form

  • Manual creation by an admin through the backend

Method 1: Affiliate Registration Form

For details on the Affiliate Registration Form and instructions on how to create this page, Click Here.

Once a user completes the registration form, their application will appear as a pending request in the Affiliate Dashboard. To approve this request, follow these steps:

  • Go to Wordpress back end -> WPRelay -> Affiliates

  • Choose Pending tab -> Select the specific Affiliate -> Approve

Screenshot showing the pending requests:

Upon approval and selection of a specific program by the admin, the user will officially become an affiliate.

Method 2: Creating an Affiliate via Backend as Admin

To manually create an affiliate:

  • Go to Wordpress back end -> WPRelay -> Affiliates

  • Click on "Create Affiliate" button.

Details of configurations are:

  • Program: In this section, associate an affiliate with a specific program by typing a few characters of the program title to select it.

  • Referral Code: Here, you have the option to provide a coupon/referral code to the affiliate. You can either auto-generate the code or enter a code of your choice manually.

  • Personal Info: Under this section, you can enter the first name, last name, and email ID of the affiliate.

  • Finally, click on "Save Affiliate" to complete the process.

  • Approving Affiliates - Ensure to "Approve" the affiliate from the pending tab, as affiliates are initially set to pending status by default.

  • Managing WooCommerce Accounts - During the "Approval" process, if the affiliate does not already have a WooCommerce customer account, you'll have the opportunity to create one. Upon creating a WooCommerce account for the affiliate, a password reset email will be sent to them via WooCommerce.

Screenshot showing Approving the affiliate:

Both methods involve a straightforward approval process, detailed in the respective sections of your admin panel.


  • If affiliates register through the Affiliate Registration Form, they will appear in the "Pending" status under the Affiliates Tab. When approving these affiliates, you will also have the option to assign a Program to them.

  • Additionally, you can change the Program associated with an affiliate at any time from the Affiliates tab.

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