Affiliate Settings

Learn how to use the Affiliate settings in WPRelay


The affiliate setting page allows you to customize and manage various aspects of your affiliate program. Here, you can set commission rates, approve commissions, configure tracking parameters, and view performance metrics. It serves as the control centre for administering your affiliate program effectively, ensuring smooth operation and optimizing performance

Here are the available settings:

  • General

  • Google Recaptcha V3

  • Commission

  • Customize Order Status

  • Affiliate URL Options

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This setting allows you to manage shipping and tax charges when calculating commissions.

Here is the screenshot of the general setting on the settings page:

With this option "Allow Affiliate Registration" you can create a new page for the customer where they can fill in the details and join an affiliate.

To create a new page you need to follow these steps:

Steps to configure the new page for Affiliate Registration:

Step 1: Copy the shortcode from the setting page.

Step 2: Then go to the WooCommerce Dashboard -> Pages -> Add new pages -> and give the title to the page and paste the shortcode in the shortcode block.

Step 3: Save the page and publish it.

Step 4: Now redirect to the WPRelay Setting page and choose the created page in the Registration page.

Here are the screenshots of the configurations:

Choose the created page URL in the settings page, here is the screenshot for your reference:

Now save this setting and let see how this page is visible on the front end:

Google Recaptcha V3

RECAPTCHA, a complimentary service, safeguards your website against spam and misuse.

Here is the screenshot indicating the setting:

Here are the steps to configure the Google Recaptcha V3:

Step 1: Go to the browser and search Google Recaptcha -> V3 Admin Console -> and to register your site enter the details like label, domain and so on.

Step 2: Now agree to the condition and click on submit.

Step 3: After clicking the submit button you can able to see the Site Key and the Secret Key in the Google Recaptcha form

Step 4: Copy the keys and paste them on your site.

Step 5: Save the settings.

Here is the screenshot for your reference:

Now you have successfully configured the Google Recaptcha V3

Note: You can only able to see the registration form page only after configuring the Google Recaptcha V3


Automate the approval process for affiliate commissions.

This involves setting up a system or process wherein affiliate commissions are approved automatically without manual intervention.

Here is the screenshot indicating the settings:

The purpose of auto-approved commissions in affiliate marketing is to streamline the payment process for affiliates.

When an affiliate generates a sale or leads through their referral link, the commission is automatically approved without the need for manual review by the merchant or affiliate program manager. This helps ensure timely payment to affiliates and reduces administrative overhead.

In auto-approved commissions you have two options they are Immediate and Delayed

  • Immediate approval

  • Delayed approval

Immediate approval

"Immediate approval" means that commissions are approved instantly upon a successful sale or lead. This provides immediate gratification to affiliates as they see their earnings reflected right away.

Please note that immediate approval may still require a minute to process commission approvals due to the cron execution.

Here is the screenshot indicating the Immediate auto-approval commission:

Delayed approval

Delayed approval involves a waiting period before commissions are approved. This waiting period allows the merchant or affiliate program manager to verify the legitimacy of the sale or lead before approving the commission. Delayed approval might be implemented to prevent fraudulent transactions or ensure that the sale meets certain criteria set by the merchant.

Here is the screenshot indicating the Delayed auto-approval commission auto-approval

You can set the number of days after "After N no of days" to approve the commission.

Customize Order Status

It suggests that users can modify the status of orders so that customers will either be eligible to receive a commission once their order is successfully completed, or the commission will be denied if the order fails for any reason. This customization empowers users to tailor the commission process based on the outcome of orders.

Here is the screenshot referring to the settings:

In the Customize Order Status, you have two options they are Successful Order Status and Failed Order Status.

Successful Order Status:

A "Successful Order Status" is important because it determines when affiliates are eligible to receive commissions for their referrals. When an order reaches this status, it triggers the commission process, allowing affiliates to earn their commissions for the sale or referral they facilitated.

You can choose the Order Status to be included in the Successful Order Status

Failed Order Status:

The Failed Order Status feature allows the affiliate plugin to track and manage orders that have failed, providing clarity to both affiliates and merchants about which transactions did not result in a successful sale. This information is valuable for affiliates as they may not receive commissions for orders that are marked as failed. Additionally, it helps merchants identify and address any issues that may be causing order failures to improve overall transaction success rates.

Also, you can choose the Order Status to be included in the Failed Order Status too.

Affiliate URL Option:

The "affiliate URL" option in an affiliate plugin refers to a feature that allows affiliates to generate unique referral permalinks that track their promotional efforts. When an affiliate promotes a product or service, they use their affiliate URL, which contains a unique identifier or code assigned to them by the affiliate program. When a customer clicks on this affiliate URL and makes a purchase or performs a desired action, the affiliate is credited with the referral and earns a commission.

You can also change the Affiliate variable URL by this option:

Here is the screenshot indicating the settings:

By changing this URL variable you can able to it see the changes in the permalink of the affiliate link

Here is the screenshot indicating the URL changes:

Affiliate links help companies track sales from specific affiliates. When I share one with a customer, it has a special code identifying me. When the customer clicks and buys something, the company knows it's from me and pays me a commission. It's a way for companies to reward people for promoting their stuff.

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