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Explore the different display settings available on the settings page.


The general settings option in an affiliate plugin serves as the control centre for managing various essential configurations. Here, users can set up fundamental parameters such as cookie duration, commission setting, contact information and other core functionalities. It provides a centralized platform for tailoring the affiliate program to meet specific business needs and objectives efficiently.

Settings options available are,

  • Commission Settings

  • Contact Information

  • Customize the Theme As you want

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The cookie duration in the WPRelay plugin dictates how long the affiliate link's associated cookie remains active in the user's browser.

For instance, if a customer clicks on your shared affiliate link, the cookie initiates and tracks the link's status for potential orders for a period of 90 days.

Here's how it works: If a customer clicks your affiliate link and adds items to the cart but doesn't complete the purchase, the cookie continues to monitor the link's status. If an order is placed, the cookie clears from the browser. However, if no order is made within the 90-day period, the cookie persists, continuously checking the link's status until it automatically expires after the default 90-day duration.

Here is the settings page where you can find the Cookie Duration option:

Please note that by default, the cookie duration is set to 90 days. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the expiration of the affiliate tracking cookie according to your preferences.

Commission Settings

Commission Settings allow you to control how charges associated with shipping and taxes are factored into the calculation of commissions.

Here are the options in the commission settings:

Exclude Shipping: This feature ensures that shipping costs are not factored into commission calculations.

Exclude Taxes: This option ensures that tax costs are not considered when calculating commissions.

Contact Information

This contact information like email address and Merchant name will serve as the primary point of contact for AffiliateGo and its affiliates to reach out to you regarding any inquiries, updates, or collaborations related to our affiliate program.

Here is the screenshot indicating the Contact information:

Customize theme as you want:

This feature allows you to modify both the text colour and the background colour within the WPRelay dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of the settings page highlighting the customization options.

Here is a screenshot of the WPRelay dashboard displaying the customization change:

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