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Learn how WPRelay works on websites with multi-currency enabled.

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If your website's default currency is USD, commissions and discounts will be provided according to the store's currency, which remains in USD. Similarly, if your website's currency is Euro, commissions and discounts will be based on the store's currency which is Euro.

Multi-currency Functionality:

In a multi-currency environment, affiliates will earn commissions based on the currency in which customers place their orders.

Example 1:

For instance, if the affiliate commission is set at 10%, and a customer spends $155.88 in USD, the affiliate will receive a commission based on the customer's ordered currency, amounting to $15.59 in USD.

Please find attached screenshots of the affiliate dashboard displaying values in USD:

Example 2:

Suppose a 10% commission is set for affiliates, and a customer spends €60.46 in Euro. In this case, the affiliate will receive a commission based on the customer's ordered currency, totaling €6.05 in Euro.

Attached are screenshots of the Affiliate dashboard displaying values in Euro:

Admin/ store owner Currency Control:

As the store administrator, you have the option to select the currency in which affiliates have earned commissions by switching currencies.

Below is the screenshot of the affiliate record for a specific affiliate in USD:

Here is the affiliate record screenshot for the same affiliate in Euro:

Similarly, within the "Orders," "Commissions," and "Payouts" tabs, as a site administrator, you have the flexibility to select different currencies. This allows you to review affiliates' commissions and process payouts accordingly based on currencies.

Screenshot of Commissions tab in USD:

Screenshots of Commissions tab in Euro:

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