Affiliate C earns a tier-based commission and a 5% offer for the customer when buying product A

Discover offering Affiliate C tiered commissions (10%, 15%, 20%) for sales thresholds (5, 10, 15+), and a 5% discount for customers buying product A via a simple affiliate program.

Example scenario:

  • Provide a 10% commission when the number of sales is 5 or more, 15% when the number of sales is 10 or more, and 20% when the number of sales is 15 or more. Customers buying product A through the basic affiliate program get an exclusive 5% discount.

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Example 3: Provide a 10% commission when the number of sales is 5 or more, 15% when the number of sales is 10 or more, and 20% when the number of sales is 15 or more. Customers buying product A through the basic affiliate program get an exclusive 5% discount.

In this setup, customers get a 5% discount when they buy through an affiliate's link or coupon code. As the sales count exceeds 5, affiliates earn a 10% commission; exceeding 10 results in a 15% commission, and exceeding 15 leads to a 20% commission. This approach motivates both affiliates and their customers.

To set up this program and make it live or to test it, you need to follow two steps:

  • Step 1: Creating a Program

  • Step 2: Assigning an Affiliate to the program

Step 1: Creating a Program

  • Go to WordPress back end -> WPRelay -> Manage -> Programs

  • Click on the "Create Program" button.

Here is the screenshot of a program that follows,

Creating Program:

Details of configurations are:

  • Program title and description - Give a title and description for the Program. This title will be helpful while selecting the program in the "Affiliates" tab.

  • You also have the option to specify start and end dates to set validity for the campaigns.

Offering Affiliate Commission:

Details of configurations are:

  • Affiliate Commission type - choose the commission type as "Advanced"

  • Here we have three different types of conditions,

  • Number of referrals: This indicates the number of referrals who have completed a purchase using either an Affiliate link or a coupon code.

  • Total Sale Amount: This represents the cumulative expenditure made by customers utilizing either Affiliate links or coupon codes.

  • Number of Sale's count: This denotes the total number of sales completed through Affiliates or coupon codes.

  • Choose "Number of Sale's count" in the filter, enter a value of 5 or more, and pay 10%. Then, add another tier, set the value to 10 or more, and pay 15%. Lastly, add a third tier, set the value to 15 or more, and pay 20%.

  • Enable recurring options: This feature allows for granting affiliates commissions per customer, either for their lifetime or solely for the initial X number of orders.

Offering customer discount:

Details of configurations are:

Customer Discount Type - Choose the discount type as "Percentage Discount" and set it to 5%. Alternatively, choose from Fixed Cart, Fixed Product Discount, or No Discount.

Free Shipping - Provide customers with the option of free shipping through this Program.

Limits - Activate the toggle and add Product A to the list of items. Customers must purchase these products via the coupon or affiliate link to receive a 5% discount. Additionally, set various restrictions such as minimum spend requirements, individual coupon usage limits, exclusions for sale items, and conditions specifying that certain products or categories must be purchased through the affiliate link to qualify for discounts.

Usage Limit Per User - By default, this toggle is enabled and set to 1, allowing customers to utilize the affiliate coupon/discount only once.

Saving the Program - Upon successfully configuring both affiliate commission and customer discount sections, click "Save Program" to activate and store it.

Step 2: Assigning an Affiliate to the program

  • Go to WordPress back end -> WPRelay -> Affiliates

  • Click on the "Create Affiliate" button.

Details of configurations are:

  • Program: Within this segment, you can link an affiliate with a specific program by entering a few characters of the program title to select it.

  • Personal Info: Here, you can input the affiliate's first name, last name, and email ID.

  • To conclude, click on "Save Affiliate" to finalize the procedure.

  • Approving Affiliates: It is essential to "Approve" affiliates from the pending tab since they are initially designated as pending by default.

  • Affiliate code: As soon as admin approves the affiliate, affiliate link and coupon will get auto generated and emailed to Affiliates.

  • Managing WooCommerce Accounts: While processing the "Approval," if the affiliate lacks a pre-existing WooCommerce customer account, you'll be able to generate one. Following the creation of a WooCommerce account for the affiliate, they will receive a password reset email via WooCommerce.

If affiliates utilize the Affiliate Registration Form for registration, they will be listed under the "Pending" status within the Affiliates Tab. When approving these affiliates, you'll also be able to allocate a Program to them.

Moreover, you retain the flexibility to modify the Program linked with an affiliate anytime from the Affiliates tab.

Let's see how to test this affiliate program as a new customer:

The cart page displays a 10% discount for the customer when a purchase is made via the affiliate's link:

Once 5 orders are successfully completed via affiliate link A, the affiliate earns a 10% commission based on the total order amount. This process repeats recursively based on the tier.

Screenshot of Myaccount -> WPRelay page showing commission earned by an Affiliate A:

As an administrator or store owner, when you update the discount value for a customer within an existing "Program" or modify the "Program" associated with a specific affiliate from the "Affiliate" tab, please note that updates to Affiliate Coupons (located under Woocommerce -> Marketing -> Coupons) may take up to a minute. This is due to changes are applied via a scheduled cron job.

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