Tracking customer orders via Affiliate Links

The Orders tab offers a concise summary of all processed orders, providing essential details such as order ID, customer information, total amount, and status for management.

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The Orders tab within affiliate marketing dashboards serves as a valuable tool for tracking orders placed through referral links or coupon codes.

What is affiliate order tracking?

Affiliate order tracking allows merchants (people who sell products) to see how many sales they’ve made through their affiliate marketing programs. When a customer clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase on the merchant’s website, the sale is credited to the affiliate.

How can merchants use the orders tab to track the orders?

In the WPRelay plugin, the Orders tab typically provides merchants with a list of orders generated by new customers via affiliate links. This feature is beneficial for merchants to monitor and review orders placed through affiliate links.

Here’s some general information on what merchants might see in an Orders tab:

  • ORDER: This section provides the Order ID for reference.

  • CUSTOMER: Here, you'll find details about the customer, indicating their name.

  • AFFILIATE: This section displays the name of the Affiliate associated with the order.

  • TOTAL: This section indicates the current total amount of the order.

  • STATUS: This section displays the current status of the order, such as “pending,” “processing,” or “completed.”

Here's the screenshot of the orders tab:

Benefits of using the orders tab for affiliates

  • Enhanced Transparency: See all affiliate-generated orders clearly.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Use order data to make informed decisions about your program. Identify best-converting products/services, target specific demographics, and refine marketing efforts.

  • Improved Affiliate Relationships: Strengthen relationships with affiliates through transparent order tracking. Address discrepancies promptly to build trust and motivation.

Overall, the orders tab can be a valuable tool for affiliates to track their performance and see how much commission they have earned. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of the orders tab and to double-check your earnings with the merchant.

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